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The Business Development Team (BDT) is a business networking organization that is geared towards businesses that cater to the needs of other businesses. It’s B2B. Furthermore, the members of our group fully embrace the concept of coaching. Consequently, coaching is inherently ingrained into BDT’s culture. That is why BDT is very excited to introduce The Young Entrepreneurs Coaching Program. Our program will allow young entrepreneurs to get coaching from three mentors from the local business community. The program will also provide young entrepreneurs with a network of local business professionals that they can use as they work to build their businesses. BDT is an organization that is all about helping individuals within the business community achieve their goals and make some lifelong friends in the process.


How to Apply

Young entrepreneurs interested in participating in the program may contact Christopher M. Carrillo on LinkedIn or via Email in order to request a Program Application or click the button below.

The program’s first group of Protégés will begin working with their Mentors in January of 2024.

Scheduling announcements will be made in December of 2023.

The Program is open to young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 29.

Young entrepreneurs are required to submit an application to The Young Entrepreneurs Coaching Program Admissions Committee. Spots are limited.

  • The Program Coordinator will strategically form Coaching Teams based on criteria such as:

– The specific needs of the young entrepreneur (The Protégé)

– The areas of expertise of The Mentors

– Personality Compatibility

– Industry & Skill Set Compatibility

  • The Program is designed to coincide with college semesters.

– Spring Semester: January – May

– Fall Semester: August – December

  • Coaching Teams will facilitate collaboration with a “Family Dynamic.”

– The young entrepreneur, the protégé, will learn from three experienced mentors.

– The three mentors will learn from each other as they work together to coach the protégé.

  • Mentors & Protégés: Two-Way Learning

– The younger generations will learn from the older generations.

– The older generations will learn from the younger generations.

  • Best Practices

– Mentors will share general business best practices.

– Mentors may also share industry-specific best practices.

Christopher M. Carrillo

Christopher M. Carrillo

Young Entrepreneurs Coordinator

C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising
Phone: (314)-724-0116
Email: [email protected]

Jae Chung

Jae Chung

Admissions Committee

Beth Coates

Beth Coates

Admissions Committee